Survey shows Valley shoppers plan to spend less while holiday shopping

FRESNO, Calif.

In the Valley some shoppers skipped the turkey tradition and chose to spend their Thanksgiving either in line or in preparation for stores to open early on Black Friday.

While kids lined up at Santa's village in River Park to tell Santa what they want for Christmas this year, their families checked their lists twice to make sure everyone's wishes come true.

Armed with an iPad and clinging onto clipped coupons, Lyessa Mejia came prepared with a plan of attack to shop the stores for deep discounts.

"I take screenshots of all my coupons online through my emails and always have them with me so if I don't think I'm going to a store, but end up coming to the store, I have it. I'm set," Mejia said.

She's not the only one hoping to save big this holiday.

"I wasn't planning on it but once my husband stepped into the store and seemed willing to hand over his wallet then I did take advantage. Probably more than I should have," Mejia's mother Victoria Llamas said.

According to an exclusive Action News poll conducted by survey U.S.A., only 15 percent of people asked said they planned to spend more on gifts this year, compared to 42 percent who said they planned to spend less and another 42 percent who said they'd spend about the same this year.

"I'll probably do a little less than usual because I'm sort of giving gifts that don't cost anything," said shopper Gina Starbuck. "I'm a healer so I'm going to be giving away a lot of sessions. I practice Reiki so healing sessions."

In addition to getting more creative with alternative type of gifts, shoppers we talked with said they're also sticking to a budget, with over a third of persons polled planning to pay between a hundred and three hundred dollars on presents this Christmas.

"Well actually what I do and my Mom always taught me this. Each paycheck you get, just set aside a few, a small amount, and that's what I've been using so I'm really only getting it for my parents and really close friends," said Taylor Hoover.

If you missed the Black Friday specials, don't worry, the deals aren't over yet. Many big retailers will continue to offer deep discounts to lure shoppers to their stores before the holidays are over.

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