Suspect hit in Fresno County officer involved shooting


Deputies raced to the house where the shooting occurred within minutes after a woman called 911 saying there was a man with a gun behind her house. When deputies arrived they heard yelling from behind the house.

"They observed a Hispanic male subject armed with a shotgun who is apparently trying to force two females in his vehicle," Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Curtis said.

Sean Hargrove and his son were driving in the area and saw deputies point a rifle at the suspect.

"I saw a sheriff's deputy pointing a rifle I told my son there's something going on here the deputy has his weapon out," Hargrove said.

Deputies told the man to drop his shotgun.

"The suspect responded by releasing the two women then turned and pointed his shotgun at the deputies, one deputy fired one shot hitting the man in the torso," Curtis said.

The suspect survived and was taken to the hospital. The incident has shaken up the rural neighborhood

"It's quiet out here we like it we hope it stays that way," Hargrove said.

Investigators expect to be at the scene for several hours. They say they don't know who the suspect is or his connection to the women he appeared to be abducting.


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