Effort to complete Herndon bike trail underway

FRESNO, Calif.

Mark Keppler, of the Coalition for Community Trails is pushing the city to get it done.

"The idea behind this trail is to connect west Fresno with Clovis on the north side of Herndon. The second reason is efficiency. We've already built 2/3rds of this trail to stop building it now would be a waste of resources."

Fresno Public Works Director Patrick Wiemiller says turning this dirt path into a bike trail is just one part of the plan to make the entire area easier to get around in without a car.

Wiemiller said, "We plan to expand our trail system out into the future we think it's a good component of a healthy vibrant trail system so that all modes of transportation not just vehicles but pedestrians and bicycles and others are able to get around and get around in a connected fashion."

The project is already paid for with federal grants and Measure C transportation tax funds. It is just awaiting approval from the city council to get the work done.

Keppler added, "This is going to be a tremendous amenity as we've already seen with the Sugar Pine Trail and the Old Town Trail in Clovis they really enjoy it they use it it gets people out of their cars, gets people to exercise, we want to see this amenity for the entire community not just in the north part of Fresno but the south part as well."

The City Council was expected to approve the contract to finish the job but had to put off a vote over technical issues that are expected to be resolved within a few weeks.

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