Valley animal shelters seek donations to keep dogs warm in the cold


Officers say it is already tough taking care of dozens of stray, sick and injured animals.

"We've been doing the best we can with what we've got," said Liberty Animal Control President Daniel Bailey.

Now add in near freezing conditions and the threat of snow on the Valley floor and officers at shelters like Liberty Animal Control in Fresno County are doing everything they can to help dogs weather the storm.

"What we've done is we take the animals, the smaller animals inside a barn area, we plug in heaters and they're going all night long," said Bailey. "We've put up cloths and materials to where we can actually close it (kennel) up and it keeps the cold air from actually coming in on the animals. And if we have a group picked up, three dogs in a backyard, if it's not too crowded, we'll put them in (a kennel) together so they can stay huddled up and keep warm."

Bailey said many shelters throughout the Valley rely on donations to keep their animals warm at night and right now help from the public is down.

"It would be great to have something, a little comfort in the kennel," added Bailey

With hundreds of dogs to look after, some shelters like the one in Selma are forced to hold larger dogs in outdoor pens with no heat.

Volunteers there are now asking for your help to supply them with warmth. Bailey said even a small contribution goes a long way to help shelter the canines from the cold.

"We've been running a little low on blankets, small fleece blankets, large bath towels, stuff we can put out with the animals," he said. "It's always nice for them to get off the metal cage and give them something soft for them to lie down on; keep them a little bit warmer at night."

For more information on how you can donate a small blanket or large towel, visit or contact CSO Chris Holub at (559) 896-2525 or e-mail to

Don't forget you can always adopt an animal. During the week before Christmas many shelters like Liberty Animal Control are offering low cost adoptions.

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