Fatal car accident kills pedestrian in Merced


CHP officers have not identified the pedestrian but say he is a Hispanic male, about 40-years-old. CHP believes the man is from Merced. They say he was on the center divider crossing the street when he was hit. CHP says the fact that the incident happened in a dark area could have played a factor in the accident.

"Based upon the damage to the first vehicle, it is apparent to us that the pedestrian was probably killed by the initial impact," California Highway Patrol officer Mike Trenholm said.

A silver Toyota Camry was one of three vehicles that ran over the pedestrian. It stayed on scene along with the black pick-up. CHP is looking for the other vehicles that sped off.

"At this point we don't anticipate any charges against any of the drivers that remained on scene," Trenholm said.

As far as the other two drivers that chose to leave. If found CHP says they will likely face felony hit and run charges.

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