Valley business gear up for next Fresno State game

FRESNO, Calif.

"We follow the dogs, my wife and I, for years and so we're pulling for them and we want them to win. I think they will," Fresno State fan Bob MKonke said.

Fans say they can't wait to take in the sights from the stadium and school officials tell Action News that when the game goes to air the country will see the Red Wave on display.

"The television side of the stadium is the side our tickets are on and so people will see a red stadium on national TV," said Paul Ladwig, Fresno State Sr. Associate Athletics Director.

While thousands of people will make the trip to Las Vegas many more will watch the game in Fresno. Businesses here in the Valley are getting excited for Saturday's game. Dog House Grill in Fresno is a hot spot for the Red Wave.

"Being that it is one of the bowl games, the first of the year, we're expecting a big crowd and a lot of people that aren't going to be able to make it over to the game coming over here to enjoy it." said Matt Billingsley, Dog House Grill General Manager.

The dog house grill says they're planning to have extra food and staff on hand for all the large crowds on Saturday.

Employees anticipate they'll go through 1,700 pounds of meat. But while they are focused on business, they will keep their eyes on the game, just like the rest of the Valley.

"I'm a Fresno State fan. The dogs look good and I'm sure they'll come out victorious," Billingsley said.

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