The Fresno State Red Wave head to Las Vegas

FRESNO, Calif.

Red flags popped up along highway 58 like flowers blooming during a Bulldog spring practice. On a Bakersfield pot stop, fans couldn't help but notice their fellow Red Wavers.

"Following the Dogs is awesome, lots of support, it's always great to see," Bulldog fan Frank Prado said.

Seventy miles later, a long-time Fresno State fan shared a ride with the enemy.

"I've been a Fresno State fan since the 60's, but he's a USC fan," Bulldog Fan Rick Garza said.

Garza knows he's on the winning side when it comes to this road trip, though, with red signs showing the way to Las Vegas. He bought his tickets as soon as he could and he's eager for the team to take the field.

"We're all jazzed up, wishing the game could start right now," Garza said.

Arriving in Vegas, fans had to pass the iconic red Cadillac that follows the Bulldogs everywhere, parked right in front of the Hard Rock Hotel.

The parents of running back Malique Micenheimer found Fresno State fever everywhere on their drive from Stockton.

The Micenheimers were hoping for a Vegas bowl berth and jumped at the chance to support their son. Now they're hoping a strong showing from the fans goes the team a boost in the game.

"Ready for this adventure, ready for the W. let's go Dogs!" Micenheimer said.

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