3 Clovis teens left home alone robbed in home-invasion

FRESNO, Calif.

Authorities believe the suspects are a man and two women. Investigators say they do not believe the victims knew the suspects.

Police say three males under the age of 18 were home alone when the suspects forced their way into the home.

"One was described as a man in his 30's, Caucasian, 6-feet tall, shaved head and wearing sweatshirt, another was a Hispanic female about 5-feet tall, the other was just described as heavy set," Janet Stoll-Lee with the Clovis Police Department said.

Police say after the suspects forced their way in through the front door of the home they ransacked the house looking for valuables.

"They came in and took electronics, they took money and they took jewelry," Stoll-Lee said.

Police said one suspect hit one of the victims in the face. The victim was taken to the hospital only for precautionary measures.

Police are asking the public for help in bringing in the suspects. Authorities say their getaway car was reported as having a loud exhaust system and it sped away from the Clovis neighborhood after the robbery.

"If someone happened to see that or hear that or look out the window and give us a description of the vehicle, we'd be grateful," Janet Stoll-Lee said.

Police say there haven't been any other home invasions in the area. In fact, the last home invasion they worked that was even similar to this case was in February 2010.

If you have any information in this case you're asked to call the Clovis Police Department.

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