Officers safely capture a deer in Northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Fish and wildlife got some help from Fresno and Clovis police officers. Officers worked for several hours in the area of Willow and Alluvial Avenues to try and chase down the deer.

The pursuit ended at Chestnut and Burch Avenues in a residential neighborhood where fish and wildlife officers tranquilized the animal.

"Got a successful hit on the first try, ran about a quarter mile over here to this backyard where it promptly sat down and went to sleep so we got it recovered took its vitals to make sure it's healthy and all taken care of and then we're going to transport it to an undisclosed site where it can go into the wild," said Dan Fidler, Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife said several times a year they get called out for animals who wandered too far from the wild. Officers say the deer probably thought the trees and bushes in the Northeast Fresno neighborhood were pretty appetizing.

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