Valley thieves steal packages from front doors

FRESNO, Calif.

Sheryl Ross is a franchise owner of a UPS Store in Clovis. At her busy location there's usually a line out the front door leading up to the holidays. Every box dropped off is loaded into a truck. But around the holidays, some parcels run the risk of never making it into the hands of their rightful owners.

"There will be cars driving around after that UPS truck or that FedEx truck or whatever truck it is, and going and waiting until it gets dropped off and picking it up because no one is at home," Ross said.

Ross says Valley thieves target pricey parcels. To avoid being a target make sure you require a signature before drop off.

A common mistake people make, is not paying for insurance on expensive gifts. "They don't insure the package and its $300 or $400 items and all they are going to get back from UPS is $100," Ross said.

Another simple tip is if you know you won't be home, leave a note on your door asking your delivery man to drop the parcel off at your neighbor's house - or take it back to your local hub.

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