Thieves looking for copper wire flood several Tower District businesses

FRESNO, Calif.

Five businesses were impacted by the flooding but the worst damages were at Babylon Club. Fans of the club are trying to save some of the destruction caused by water.

"It was basically a rain forest because of the upper stories that were flooded. Sound equipment, electronics at the bar, it's pretty expensive damage," said Tim Ferrigan, owner of the Babylon Club.

Ferrigan said thieves yanking out copper pipes busted a water line and flooded his business for hours. The water seeped through the ceiling and collected on pool tables. "They were pooling with water so the wood is all soaked, so we're not sure if they can play on it," Ferrigan said.

Nearby cleanup crews used thermal detectors to find the worst wet spots. The water's force was so powerful it even broke down a part of the wall at the tattoo shop.

"It was spraying a lot. It was probably at least 30 gallons a minute. It was probably doing that for a couple of hours, maybe four or five, maybe more," said Daniel Duran.

Next door the leak penetrated into Bebe O's Courtique and ruined merchandise right before the holidays. Everyone is frustrated because the suspects created so much chaos before they got away.

"It hurts. it hurts a lot because our customers depend on us," said Lupe Auilar-Oftedal.

Babylon Club is closed until further notice and the upcoming concerts held there have been cancelled.

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