Fresno Poverello House in need of toys for children

FRESNO, Calif.

The toy warehouse at the Poverello House is unusually empty for this time of the year. Organizers of the Poverello House annual Christmas Day toy hand out are worried they won't have enough gifts for children.

"We are running and lacking close to about a thousand toys that we would normally need to be at by this time to be able to give at least one toy to a youth or a family member for that child on Christmas Day," Poverello House Executive Director Cruz Avila said.

Once your toy donation is sorted through it makes its way to the gift wrapping room. Volunteers then gift wrap the toy and give it away on Christmas Day.

But with Christmas less than a week away volunteers may soon run out of toys to wrap.

Along with an overall shortage of toys the Poverello House specifically needs gifts or games for older kids in the pre-teen age group.

"With our community, the county of Fresno, as a whole with our donors, we've never really had a point where we hadn't reached that goal but this year we are lacking on some of those toys, and we are hoping that this year doesn't prove us wrong as well," Avila said.

Cruz said the gifts will be handed out on Christmas Day and it is not too late to make a donation.

Statement from Poverello House Facebook page:

This year has been especially difficult for our families and we expect the need will be greater than ever before. Sadly we are short of toys and don't expect to receive any more from local agencies. We are asking for help from our generous donors and this amazing community to make sure each needy child receives a gift on Christmas morning. Poverello House will be open for donation Friday, Monday,Tuesday (12/20, 12/23 & 12/24) from 7am-6pm & over the weekend (12/21 & 12/22) from 7am-4pm.

To make a donation contact the Poverello House

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