Search for suspects in Fresno triple shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened Sunday night just before 7pm at an apartment complex on Thomas Avenue near Augusta.

A black bloody beanie is still in the street in front of the complex where three people were shot. The trail of evidence begins at the door of the bottom floor apartment and leads all the way to where the ambulance pulled up. The scene was chaotic moments after the shooting. Police say a young girl was inside the apartment at the time and the only one unhurt by the gunfire.

Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said, "A two-year-old daughter who was on the couch which is probably six feet from the shooting."

Miguel Gonzalez was inside his apartment nearby when he heard a disturbance.

"And then, I hear, boom, boom and then my window go like this, and I said hey what's going on? It really surprised me," said Gonzalez. "And then I get up and there's three police over here."

Fresno police say the victims were all struck by bullets fired by two men. Investigators say someone knocked at the door and right away the gunmen stepped in and began unloading.

"They never asked for anything, they never took anything, and it seemed very personal."

In the 35 years Gonzalez has lived in the this area, he says it's changed a lot. He loves the smell of fresh flowers and has a backyard full of roses. But, too often, he says the pungent smell of marijuana fills his neighborhood.

"They using too much marijuana," explained Gonzalez. "The marijuana, the air coming this way, and I got a headache."

Police say the victims had a small amount of marijuana in the apartment. Investigators believe the shooting could be drug related.

Police served a warrant at the home looking for a motive... They are still trying to figure out who was the target. All three victims were shot in the upper body and face, but are expected to survive. The suspects have not been identified or arrested.

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