Fresno State student wins Clinton Global Initiative

FRESNO, Calif.

It all started with a simple email from Fresno State President Joseph Castro, inviting students to apply to the Clinton Global Initiative. Shervin Zoghi got that email and ran with it.

Shervin said, "I wanted to make my education useful and somehow give back to my community, give back to the world."

He sent in his idea, told former President Bill Clinton's organization about his plan for economic development in impoverished regions. And he won.

"I had hoped I'd get it I didn't really expect I'd get it, it's very prestigious," explained Shervin.

It's yet another idea out of the "think tank" at the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a place where students are taught to think outside the box. For assistant director Dr.Eric Liguori, Shervin, his idea, and recognition like this is what it's all about.

Dr. Liguori added, "Ecstatic, we're ecstatic, very happy about the progress we're making we've got some great students."

They say students don't always take advantage of opportunities that are right in front of them, but Shervin didn't want to pass it up. He remembered his experiences volunteering at the Poverello House and has big plans for other countries that need help. He promises to bring doctors and engineers together, and he can't wait to show the Clinton Global Initiative what he's got planned.

Shervin said, "It's nice to be in a room filled with people wanting to make a difference in the world, because I really want to I'm really passionate about it."

Adviser Nelson Sebra says this is what they strive for when they teach and he couldn't be prouder of his student, saying, "Shervin is clearly one of the best."

Shervin and his advisers will represent Fresno State at the Clinton Global Initiative University in March.

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