Fresno Unified School District teacher killed in Northwest Fresno car crash

FRESNO, Calif.

The coroner said the driver was 55-year-old Karen Bisgaard, who was a fifth grade teacher at Viking Elementary.

The Fresno Police Department is investigating the crash that happened just before 11 a.m. Tuesday. They say Bisgaard was headed West on Herndon when she somehow lost control of her car and hit the median. Bisgaard was then thrown out of the car.

Susan Bedi, a spokeswoman for the Fresno Unified School District said she had taught at Viking Elementary for the past five years.

"She was well liked by her students as well as her colleagues," Bedi said in a written statement. "Please keep her and her family in your thoughts during this very difficult time."

Hymarra Cantu's 10-year-old son was in Bisgaard's fifth grade class. She last talked to her the week before school went on winter break. Their class had a Christmas party.

Cantu learned of the deadly accident Wednesday and has not yet told her son.

"I'll wait till later on, I don't want to ruin his day for him-he's been up early and they've been playing. That's going to take a toll on someone's feelings," Cantu said.

Bedi says the school will be contacting parents of students during Christmas Break. They will also have psychologists on campus for support, when the students return back to class on Jan. 13.

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