Presidential Air Force One plane on display in Atwater


Castle Air Museum CEO Joe Pruzzo said commander in chiefs have used the VC-9C plane to fly around the country. The plan now sits in Atwater as part of the non-profit's collection.

"This aircraft flew President Ronald Regan and president Bill Clinton several times and of course every first lady from Mrs. Rosalyn Carter to Laura Bush and every vice president from Walter Mondale to Dick Cheney," Pruzzo said.

In in the VIP quarters of the VC-9C plane a large chair represents in the spot where the president or top leaders would work thousands of feet in the air.

"I think she'd have a lot of stories if she could only talk," Pruzzo said.

One can only imagine what's taken place inside this aircraft. The former Air Force One plane has served for three decades and Pruzzo said it is a privilege to preserve in the Valley.

"It's really an honor and it's really humbling. Hopefully the public will come out and view this treasure of our nation and its past," Pruzzo said.

The presidential aircraft is a rare opportunity to hear and see history.

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