Fresno man busted in Craigslist stolen property sting

FRESNO, Calif.

Authorities identified the suspect as 36-year-old Jon Christensen of Fresno. Now they're working to return the stolen items to their rightful owners.

UPS left a box of pistons on the front door of a Clovis home Thursday but police say the package was snatched up before the rightful owner could find it.

"I looked on the UPS website and saw the packages were delivered I went outside to get the packages from the front porch and they weren't there, so my immediate thought was they had been stolen."

The victim didn't want to be identified on camera but he tells us, after filing a police report he couldn't help but check online.

"I decided to look on Craigslist just for fun, you never know what might be there."

He found on Craigslist what he suspected were his pistons on sale for $350.00. He immediately alerted deputies

"There was a phone number on the ad and the sheriff wanted me to text the person and I did."

Deputies arranged a false buy at this public park in Clovis, and asked the victim to stay home.

Jose Salinas with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "The person who was arranging the sale was not the suspect who stole the items. He was selling them for the suspect we arrested."

Deputies say they found more stolen items at the suspects home.

This victim says he's glad to have helped and now asks delivery men to leave packages somewhere other than on his front door.

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