Fresno County court clerk accused of witness intimidation

FRESNO, Calif.

31 year old Christina Lugo has worked in Fresno County's superior court since 2007. Court documents show she and the inmate, Ricky Modesto had a child together. The pair also worked together to scare a man into not testifying.

Fresno County deputies believe 31 year-old Christina Lugo abused her position with the superior court when she orchestrated a string of calls and texts to get Modesto in touch with several gang members. "It's wrong for anyone but she's in a position of trust especially working for a superior court judge," said Deputy Chris Curtice.

Modesto is in jail after deputies say he assaulted a man at the Oasis Saloon and grill in Sanger. "He had been involved in a bar fight last year. During that fight or assault he ended up breaking the jaw of the victim and the victim also lost several teeth," added Curtice.

Detectives believe soon after his arrest, Modesto reached out to Lugo and asked her to get in touch with three men to intimidate the witness.

Action News has learned because of that intimidation the victim was "afraid to go to court" to testify. Court documents show Lugo and Modesto had a child together. The report also details how detectives listened to 14 phone calls and over four hours of conversations. According to those documents at least one of those calls was made while Lugo was at work. She's on the record saying, "Bye Judge. I'll see you after lunch."

Action News also reached out to the Fresno County superior court to find out more about Lugo's future working with the department. We were told the incident is being treated as a personnel matter and will remain confidential.

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