Do you have a ride home New Year's Eve?

FRESNO, Calif.

Bars and restaurants are bracing for the New Year's Eve rush, and according to Fresno Police Captain Andy Hall, so are the cops.

"New Year's Eve we always add officers we have 50 or 60 extra officers out tonight for various reasons, shots in the air, loud parties, drinking and driving so we'll be out in force."

Bar tenders, like Kayleen Burnette of the Landmark Restaurant will be working to help keep those who've had too much from driving.

"Personally I will have a conversation with them, pull them aside let them know they shouldn't be driving, that I'll call them a taxi there are fine lines, but don't let them leave in their car."

This is the busiest night of the year for cab companies. Dispatcher Coral Cooper is already getting calls for reservation, but, "We are not taking any reservations after six o'clock it just gets too crazy."

And the later you call a cab, the longer it can take to get one.

"Well it just depends, if I have a driver completing very close to them it could be ten minutes or it could also be an hour or two. After midnight, closer to 2 in the morning the waits gonna be three or four hours."

There are other options. If you've had too much to drink, AAA will tow anybody, whether they are a AAA member or not and take them home up to ten miles for free.

Services like We Be Sober will drive you and your car home for $40.00. But to avoid spending money and waiting, Kayleen said, "Most people do have a designated driver which is really nice because we don't, no one wants a DUI and everybody wants to have a good time and do it safely."

Whatever your plans for the evening are, Hall suggests figuring out how you are going to get home, before the night gets started.

"Have a plan and have a plan before you go out on how you get home. What you don't want to do is be drunk or be drinking and then come up with a plan."

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