Testimony involving Kai the hitchhiker wrapped up

FRESNO, Calif.

Under cross examination from County Prosecutor Becky Gong, McBride said he didn't know what he was doing when his car hit and injured the worker, /*Rayshawn Neely*/, pinning him against a truck.

"I was delusional," McBride said.

"Were you delusional when you were talking to the police detectives?" Gong asked.

"Yes," McBride responded.

Gong asked, "Are you delusional now?"

"No," replied McBride.

McBride blamed McGillvary who he picked up in Bakersfield, for first of all, getting him high on marijuana, and then hitting him in the head while driving.

"I was suffering from concussion syndrome," McBride testified.

But on the stand he also acknowledged admitting to the crime while being questioned by a Sheriff's detective.

Gong asked, "And you told the detective that you hit the truck on purpose correct?"

McBride said, "Yes."

"You told the detective you tried to kill that man, correct?" Gong asked.

"Yes." McBride replied.

But McBride noted he was questioned by the detective after being hospitalized and on pain medication, because /*Kai*/ had hit him in the head repeatedly with a hatchet. Kai won national attention when he claimed he saved the PG&E worker from McBride by bashing him in the head. During the trial witnesses disputed the claim Kai was a hero and said he was swinging his hatchet at anybody who came near him.

As to his confession, McBride testified he simply said "yeah," to everything asked by Detective Jeff Stricker.

Under questioning from his attorney, Scott Bailey, McBride said he was extremely sorry for what happened to Neely.

"During your interview with Detective Stricker, were you remorseful about what happened on February 1st," Bailey asked.

"Yes, Very," McBride answered.

"What were you remorseful about?" Bailey asked.

McBride responded, "About Rayshawn being injured. Because I was upset about having Kai in my car and letting this get out of hand, and I was driving the car, and I was responsible, and in my mind I was failing to maintain control of my vehicle and letting the hitchhiker in there, someone I didn't know. I didn't try to hurt Rayshawn Neely or Ken Simon or anybody else."

Detective Stricker was the last witness on the stand, and agreed McBride was remorseful about hurting anyone and cried during questioning.

McBride is charged with attempted murder, but has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Rayshawn Neely is still recovering from leg injuries.

Kai, the hitchhiker would be a key witness in the case, but can't testify because he's being held on murder charges in New Jersey. He's accused of killing another man who gave him a ride.

The case against Jett McBride is expected to wrap up with closing arguments on Friday. He's facing charges of attempted murder, but has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

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