Fresno deputies look injured victim after reports of a shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

Deputies were called to Villa and Tulare Avenues just before 12 p.m. for reports of a shooting.

Witnesses told deputies one man shot another, and the victim then chased the suspect south on Villa Ave. The victim then showed his head wound to someone at an apartment on Huntington, but that person did not let him inside. When deputies arrived, the victim was already gone.

"Usually our victims hang around and let us know what happened. That's where this incident is odd because he took off. Fresno PD assisted and contacted him, and when they contacted him again he took off so he doesn't want law enforcement to contact him at this time," Sgt. John Alvarado with the Fresno County Sheriff's office said.

Deputies said they know who the victim is, but they did not want to release his name. They were checking area hospitals to see if he showed up for treatment.

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