Ex-Bulldog Derek Carr Training In Bakersfield

FRESNO, Calif.

Reporter Casey Keirnan caught up with the potential-first-rounder at one of his training sessions in Bakersfield.

Derek Carr is back in Bakersfield and he is at his alma matter training for the senior bowl, the NFL combine and ultimately the NFL draft. He I getting help from his brother, David Carr.

"The guy went number one. He's been through the same process that I'm going through so he's going to tell me exactly what I need to do and all those things so hopefully he'll rub off on me just a little bit," Derek Carr said.

"I think a lot of the on the field stuff is going to take care of itself for him. A lot of what he's going to be going through is sitting down in a meeting room and they're going to ask him to recite things, he's going to spit it back at them. He's going to have to show some football knowledge," said brother and Former number 1 NFL Overall Pick David Carr.

Derek has accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl in Alabama which will precede the NFL draft. The nuts and bolts of Derek's training are closely managed by local trainer and family friend, Eric Mahanke.

"You tell him to sleep as much as he can. Wake up, eat as much food as he can, good quality calories. Then we go into workouts and usually start about 9:30," said Mahanke.

Derek said all the NFL draft is what motivates him on the football field so you might think he had hang on the every word of the many supposed draft experts that make their living this time of year. But Derek said the opinion of those closest to him is what really matters.

"You don't want to impress the ESPN people and the bloggers," Derek Carr said.

"There's going to be an opinion from everybody and anybody with internet access can put it online. They have their right to an opinion and all those things but they said some things about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as well," David Carr said.

"I'm getting to do what I love to do. I've been criticized, I've been praised, I just ignore them both, I just continue to work hard and have fun doing it," Derek Carr said.

Derek will continue training in Bakersfield for two more weeks and will travel to the senior bowl in Alabama about one week early.

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