Clovis Antique Mall reopens after fire damage

CLOVIS, California

"It feels pretty awesome, it feels pretty good," said Pam Rosenberry. "It's been a long haul all the dealers are happy to be back and finally get opened again."

Inside, dealers were busy putting the finishing touches on their areas and were ready to greet customers. More than 30 vendors use the space to sell vintage merchandise, including Shane Davis.

"We've been closed for 11 months but we've all been out there looking for new items, there's a lot of new stuff in here," said Shane Davis.

Last February, the Country Rose, next door caught fire. The flames destroyed that store but also damaged the Clovis Antique Mall.

"The fire was so intense it did a lot of damage to the adjoining wall that we shared with that store," said Rosenberry. "Basically they had to re-engineer the wall."

That meant the mall had to shut down. During that time, crews also made electrical upgrades to the 100 plus year old building. Clovis fire officials say the fire opened people's eyes.

Chief Michael Despain with the Clovis Fire Department said, "Because of the proximity and the age and vulnerability to old town, what people are realizing its not just what you do to your business it's what your partner does next door."

As a result, Chief Despain says some local businesses put in alert systems and fire extinguishers. As for the Clovis Antique Mall, many lessons have been learned.

Rosenberry added, "You know just be prepared and you never know what's going to happen, but something good is going to happen out of it."

The owner and dealers say despite the closure during the past year, they're thankful for the outpouring of support by the community and are hoping to start the New Year with a fresh start.

Meanwhile, I'm told the owners of the Country Rose next door plan to rebuild and open in the spring.

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