Father and son shot in Winton, son dies

WINTON, Calif.

The major crimes unit says all three of the people involved in this shooting knew one another. Authorities believe they got into a fight that ended with gunfire.

Detectives spent hours collecting evidence at this crime scene in Winton Monday night. They found two weapons and casings from two different guns. Several other items are sitting on the front lawn of the home where deputies say a fight turned deadly.

Deputy Ed Katen said, "It appears to be some sort of argument that was verbal, turned into a physical confrontation, and at some point weapons were drawn and shots were fired."

Melissa Nunes lives nearby and says she heard about seven rounds.

Nunes explained, "Just heard the gunshots, and all of the sudden we opened our garage and just a bunch of screaming, and automatically I called 911."

Authorities say 26-year-old Andrew Coronado Junior and his 45-year-old father were both flown to a Modesto hospital with gunshot wounds. That's where the son later died.

Deputy Ed Katen said, "The other victim is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries that are not believed to be life threatening."

A third man was taken to Mercy Medical Center Merced with other types of injuries. The 32 year old is also expected to survive. Detectives are still investigating the role all three men played in the fight, but they do not believe any other suspects are outstanding.

Deputy Ed Katen added, "Not to take away from the severity and tragedy of it, a death has occurred and it's unfortunate, however it's not that there's a shooter on the run in a neighborhood."

Investigators have not yet said what may have started the fight, but they do not believe it was gang or drug related.

It's not clear yet if the two survivors will face charges.

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