Vandals hit an Atwater neighborhood


The sharp pieces of glass scattered underneath her car remind Othella Haley-Jones about the vandalism which took place right in front of her driveway.

"First thing my husband saw was there was glass all over the street and we were like OMG and it was a rock, somebody had thrown a rock through the window or smashed the car with a rock," said Jones.

Around the block another neighbor also woke up and found two shattered windows on his pick-up truck.

"It's frustrating because you know everyone around here is working hard to get that money to put away so it's definitely frustrating," said Ruben Garcia.

Police say on Sunday morning the calls started pouring in from more than a dozen other victims.

They all reported someone had smashed windows and dented their cars overnight. Officers say neighborhoods were hit all throughout the city. They believe one or more suspects used rocks or BB guns to damage cars.

"This is a property crime but this is a quality of life issue. Nobody wants to go to bed at night - wake up and have a smashed windshield. That's vandalism," said Cpl. William Novetezke.

Neighbors say repairing smashed in windows isn't cheap - so they hope whoever did it gets caught, real quick. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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