Man shoots and kills Tulare woman's Chihuahua for barking too much, police say

TULARE, Calif.

The woman says her neighbor shot her dog for barking too much. He's now being investigated by Tulare police for felony animal cruelty.

Leticia Davis is still brought to tears when thinking about how her dog, Nike, named for a fur pattern on his head, was killed earlier this week.

Leticia woke up Tuesday morning and Nike was not in his usual spot in his dog house. Instead, he was lying in the dirt, motionless and bleeding.

In the video, you'll see photos taken by the Visalia Times Delta, showing animal control officers caring for the dog at the scene.

"I went and I picked him up he was hard," said Leticia. "He was not soft he was frozen to the ground so I thought he was dead so I got a cover and was holding him and he kind of woke up."

The 3-pound Chihuahua had a bullet wound in his side. He died just a few hours later. Then, Leticia eerily remembered something her neighbor yelled at the dog the night before.

"Sometimes he's nice and then sometimes he's like, like that night," said Leticia. "Monday night he said, 'you better shut up or I'm going to shoot you! You better shut up or I'm going to shoot you!'"

Leticia's worried about her other dog, Charlie, and is looking to move. She says her neighbor, Bryan Martin, 48, often stays up late into the night and sometimes interacts with the dogs.

After Nike was found shot, he was seen being taken by police from his house. Police found a rifle-style BB gun, which they believe he used to shoot the dog.

Sgt. Darron Altermatt said, "We arrested him for the felony section of animal cruelty and he was transported to Tulare County main jail."

Tulare police say if you're experiencing an animal issue or nuisance with your neighbor, call the police department or animal services.

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