Sanger attorney faces fraud and perjury charges

FRESNO, Calif.

Authorities say attorney Sheldon Feigel helped his client Sandra Barton wrongfully claim three homes. The Barton family is accused of stealing 23 homes all together. In total five people are charged in the case.

Friday Feigl's attorney and family members say Feigel was doing his job and his client kept him in the dark of about the details of the houses he helped her claim. "They know their dad is a good man, their dad is an honest man, they know he'll be home soon," Feigel's wife, Stacey Feigel said.

"He had absolutely no indication this woman was not telling the truth- still hasn't revealed the discovery to see if she was but if she was lying- he didn't know about it," Feigel's Attorney Mark Coleman said.

Feigel is back in court January 23 for a pre-preliminary hearing. His attorney also said the family plans to file a civil lawsuit against the state Department of Justice for the way authorities barged into the Feigel household to search the home earlier this week.

They claim law enforcement officers came in with guns drawn and then kept Feigel from seeing his attorney for several hours.

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