Thieves steal equipment from Selma Little League

FRESNO, Calif.

The vandals went to great lengths to rip apart the lock on the league's supply trailer. League officials have now put in an alternative locking system. Police say the break-in could have happened anytime between Monday and Friday.

Twenty-five teams and nearly 350 kids use the fields at the Selma Little League Park.

"Our season starts in March, we got to get this field ready so we can put a good program on for them," parent and little league board member Chris Ambrose said.

That includes mowing, seeding and chalking the two fields, but that is easier said than done now. Friday league officials noticed their supply trailers locked tampered. Once they opened the trailer they saw the real damage done.

"Our mouths just dropped, everything was gone," Tony Escobedo said. "Just everything we could use to prep the fields, fix the fields it's gone."

The vandals left behind shovels, rakes and tarps, but the pricey tools like a riding lawn mower, edger, blowers were taken.

"The equipment is paid for by parents who pay for the league every year and it's just very frustrating when there's other things that need to be fixed other projects that need to be worked on," Ambrose said.

Little League officials say the thieves also tried breaking into the snack bar, but believe they were deterred by the alarm system installed. Officials say thieves got away with plenty. The value of items taken from the trailer estimated at near $8,000.

The league will spend the next few weeks launching several fundraisers from car washes to bake sales, anything to make sure the kids have the season they deserve.

"We'll never stop the season for that we have good parents, we have good coaches that will step up for season," Tony Escobedo said.

League officials may move the trailer to where it is more visible and possibly get an alarm for it.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Selma Police Department.

To help the Little League team please call 559 896-BASE (2273)

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