Fresno man goes to prison for life after killing his wife

FRESNO, Calif.

Daniel Galvan showed no emotion when the judge handed down his punishment. He was found guilty of shooting his wife, Ann Marie Galvan, with the gun she bought to protect herself from him.

Galvan did not address the court Tuesday after hearing from his wife's family and friends talk about the mother of three whose life he took. The boys wake up with nightmares, one with deep guilt.

The victim's sister Christina Castillo said, "From what he tells me on many times, if it wasn't for me begging my mom to go back and talk to him, she would still be here today. I, and many of my family members tell him it will never be the same but you are not to blame."

Galvan had no reaction to their words and never looked at them when they spoke. They called him cold blooded, callus and unremorseful. His attorney said he is depressed but sorry.

Attorney Antonio Alvarez said, "He clearly, clearly feels horrible about the situation particularly for his boys but also for his wife and he did love her but again he was in the throes of a drug binge."

Ann Marie's daughter gave the judge pictures of her mom with her son and could hardly speak, but did say no one could love her mother like she did.

The judge told Galvan the evidence showed he planned out the murder and carried it out with viciousness. She described what happened as incomprehensible.

Deputy District Attorney Jeff Dupras says the sentence fits this crime.

"Very happy with the sentence here today," said Dupras. "Today he was sentenced to 50 years to life, which essentially means he will die in prison, which is the right thing to happen here."

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