Valley leaders calling for water conservation

FRESNO, Calif.

Water is so precious, especially in a state impacted by a drought. "It is becoming very critical and people need to be aware of it," said Clovis City Manager Rob Woolley.

During Clovis' city council meeting, experts explained just how dry 2014 is shaping up to be. The last time this area got any rain was December 7th according to public utilities director, Luke Serpa. "There has been no rain so far in January and they are not forecasting any. This is an unheard of dry spell," said Serpa.

The city is currently in a stage two water shortage. That means there is enough ground water supply to carry residents through this year. Don't expect any drastic cutbacks yet, but city leaders want everyone to conserve. "We can get through. People don't have to worry about more draconian measures at this point but we do need to be cognizant of the water shortage and to try to be as conservative as possible," added Serpa.

"When we start getting into the summer months, if the drought is continuing we are going to have to lessen our water especially for outdoor use," said Woolley.

Friant Dam on Millerton is a huge resource for the Valley. The body of water feed farmland, water contractors, Madera County to the north and cities in Fresno County. Right now water levels at the dam at 40% of normal.

Fresno leaders are also encouraging residents to conserve water.

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