No snow in Shaver Lake but plenty of other attractions


Stores that sell bait and tackle say they've gotten a little boost from winter fishermen.

Paul Jacobs and his friends drove up to Shaver Lake from the Central Valley; they had hooked six rainbow trout by the early afternoon.

"Unfortunately, we need snow. But if we don't get snow and rain, at least we got fish up here in Shaver," Jacobs said.

Tyler Powell of Shaver Lake Sports says two giant trout recently caught in Shaver Lake have helped get people excited to fish, but the weather is the real draw. He says people are coming for the outdoors.

"A lot of people have been bringing their quads and dirt bikes and going off the rails to bald mountain and places like that," Powell said.

The warm winter weather has also brought construction crews up to Shaver Lake.

Danny Brooks with DM Brooks Construction INC has two cabin remodeling projects in Shaver Lake this month. He says usually the snow keeps him out of the mountains.

"Normally I'm down in Fresno, Sanger, Reedley, Kingsburg but there's projects going on up here," Brooks said.

Overall – it's still not good news for Shaver Lake's economy.

At Shaver Lake Pizza, the owner says business is half that of a normal winter. And people know too many warm days will have long-term consequences.

"This is a bonus being able to come up here and fish," Jacobs said. "But we're going to be hurting in the summer, with it being this warm this time of year, we're going to be having a lot of water issues.

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