Gearing up for the Monday morning commute

FRESNO, Calif.

Rush hour is never a fun time to be on any major highway. Mis in constant construction and congestion and that's exactly what drovers say they deal with every time they head through the Braided Ramps project.

"During the construction it's really be a hassle, I've seen a lot of car accidents. People break and try and cut other people off," said Rodrigo Martinez.

"It was really chaotic. I could never tell where the cars were trying to go and I think I was confused myself," said Brandalyn Hastings.

But Caltrans says this next phase of the project should ease some of those problems. By Monday morning expect a faster and safer commute through the area. The big change: WB 168 traffic will no longer have to merge with WB 180 traffic to get to Highway 41.

California Highway Patrol is asking everyone to pay attention to the road signs during the changes.

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