Former Clovis cop in and out of jail for felony abuse case

FRESNO, Calif.

Kyle Pennington, 35, lost his job after he was arrested last June. He was arrested again months later.

The alleged victim said it seems unfair that she has to live in fear and in hiding, while Pennington gets to lead a normal life. But Monday, his life was briefly disrupted by a trip to jail and we were there when he got out later the same day.

/*Kyle Pennington*/ walked out of jail a free man Monday, but his freedom comes at the price of $300,000. The former Clovis cop faces two domestic violence charges for attacks an ex-girlfriend says left her bloodied, bruised and frightened for her life.

The alleged victim pleaded with the judge to lock up the source of her fear.

"I'm asking the court to take the necessary precautions to ensure my safety as well as the safety of other women because I'm obviously not the first victim and I probably won't be the last," she said.

The judge ordered Pennington taken to jail after raising the bond. He said Pennington knew the system and worked it, even after his first arrest last June.

"He continued to make coercive comments towards her about him going to jail and her going to jail if she came to court and testified," said Judge David Gottlieb. "He really was doing an awful lot trying to subvert the system that he had pledged to uphold."

Pennington's attorney says the judge is basing his decision on a process that heavily favors the alleged victim to this point. But he intends to change that very soon, at trial.

"That entire jury is going to hear every single bit of the evidence, not just her side of the evidence, but they're going to hear how many times she's changed her story," said Marshall Hodgkins. "They're going to hear other things on what she's done to try to get back at him."

What they probably won't hear is evidence Pennington had done this before. Police records show similar claims of violence from another ex-girlfriend. But Hodgkins says that evidence probably won't be admitted at the trial, which right now is scheduled for March.

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