Providing a dream photo shoot for those fighting cancer in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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The Face of Cancer is a non-profit organization that provides those fighting cancer a dream photo shoot.

Fresno wife and mom Bren Flowers was the first face of cancer for the organization, and the focus of a short documentary.

Bren is fighting breast cancer for the second time in six years. She received news last year that she is terminal.

The founder of Face of Cancer Holly Carter says her goal is to help women get reacquainted with their beauty while fighting the disease.

Carter explained, "We provide resources and opportunities to get them up and out of bed and get them moving again and to bring joy."

"It's been a blessing from beginning to end," added Flowers. "It's been so much fun to be a girl again, to be dressed up and feel like a woman and not just a cancer patient all the time."


Holly Carter

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