Fresno Soul Brothers motorcycle club president targeted in gun raid

FRESNO, Calif.

The Soul Brothers club has been at the center of several violent incidents, including a murder last year.

The haul looks big laid out on a table at the Fresno County sheriff's office. Five assault rifles, three handguns, more than 1000 rounds of ammunition and several high capacity magazines -- all found in one Fresno County home, according to Sheriff Margaret Mims.

The suspects are a father and son duo who are members of an increasingly notorious motorcycle club known as the Soul Brothers.

Joshua Taylor was on probation. His father Michael is the club's president.

"This motorcycle club is known for their violence," said Sheriff Mims. "They have two runs a year where they come to Fresno and every time they come, there's violence, including gun violence."

Sheriff's investigators say last October's run brought two nights of gun violence. On the second night, gunshots killed 18-year-old Dejuan Gladney and injured 12 others. Since then, deputies have kept the pressure on the club, but haven't solved the murder.

"We can't say that we have a specific suspect in mind, but it's still open," Sheriff Mims said. "We're still taking a look at who the suspects may be, either from this area or outside this area."

The Soul Brothers club has been around since 1967 and in Fresno since 1980. Its motorcycle runs and parties typically draw hundreds of riders from all over the state and out of state as well. But detectives say the violence is getting worse, and the club may soon be considered a gang.

"Before somebody is validated as a motorcycle gang, there are some legal requirements and we're going through that right now," Mims said.

Action News reached out to an attorney for the club's members, but got no response to the arrests.

Michael Taylor has been released from jail because of overcrowding. His son is still in custody.

The club has been evicted from the Calwa building where last year's parties took place.

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