China Peak gets nearly 20 inches of fresh snow

FRESNO, Calif.

Only a handful of runs have been open all season, which is pretty rare, but after all this fresh snow, skiers and snow-boarders have 15-20 runs to play with.

Action News was given access to some of those runs. At 8700 feet, we met some of the resort's most dedicated skiers and snow-boarders who were on a mission to find the best powder.

Fresno State student Sami Jassin, 20, has been obsessively tracking the weather. "I actually scheduled my school so I could have Friday off and board on Friday and Saturday."

He also admits this year's weather hasn't helped him with his new hobby. "I just started to learn and this season has been kind of slow, learning on hard powder isn't too fun when you fall it's like concrete."

Jassin, like many others up here found a way around the mountain, used the working lifts to get them high up and then, they walked, finding runs that until now have been closed.

Fresno resident Joshua Price said, "We're traversing across from the highest chair lift we've got a straight traverse walk across, we're doing the walk so we can get the best snow available on the mountain."

It's a good walk and at 8700 feet not an easy one, but for these dedicated snow-boarders, it's worth it.

China Peak Mountain Resort owner Tim Cohee says "rough" doesn't even begin to describe how bad this year has been. He says the recent snowfall is a game changer.

"Now we're going to open a lot more runs," said Cohee. "If we get another dose of this amount we'll open up everything and run through the end of April and it'll be okay, won't be great, but it'll be okay."

Cohee says people have been waiting 60 days for snow like this, and he says, boarders and skiers should be excited about what the mountain has to offer. The un-chartered, untracked territory that's now up for grabs-- for the first time in what's been a very odd year.

"If people aren't ready to go skiing and snowboarding this weekend you should check their pulse," said Cohee.

Resort officials say Super Bowl fans shouldn't worry, as there will be a big party up here at China Peak Mountain Resort for those who want to watch the game.

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