Carl's Jr. employee finds $10k in lost bag

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News has been unable to track down the man who lost that money, but the bag is said to contain between $10,000 and $15,000. And the employee who found it didn't even know what she was holding.

For two years Kristina Packard has bagged burgers at a Carl's Jr. in northeast Fresno. She sees a lot of faces and finds a lot of stuff left behind in the fast food dining room. But earlier this week she didn't expect her find would be a big one.

"He comes all the time," Packard said. "He's a really nice guy." One of her regular customers left his fanny pack sitting on a chair.

"I knew he had stuff in there because he always carries it with him, he carries his license and stuff," she said. "So, I just made sure that I just hid it so that way no one else could touch it, 'cause I know there was something in there that was probably valuable."

Packard would have never guessed just how valuable. Being respectful of her customer's property, she says she didn't open the bag.

But after stashing it under the counter the dinner rush hit and she forgot to tell anyone it was there when her shift was over. And when the customer realized he lost the money he returned to the store but the staff on duty couldn't find it.

Understandably he was angry. "They told me it was a lot of money, they called the cops, they want to press charges," store manager Alex Romero said.

Romero is proud of his employees. He says just after police and that customer walked outside one of the cooks spotted the bag stashed beneath the register and returned it before the panicked customer drove off.

"It feels very good, I'm very happy he got his stuff back," Packard said. "That would be devastating if he didn't. I would have felt really bad for him."

This crew is still blown away by how much money was left in the store. "Yeah, jackets, phones, we always save it, but you know never $10,000 in a bag," Romero said.

To be on the safe side anytime something like a bag or purse is found in that Carl's Jr. it will be locked up until it's claimed.

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