Police investigate suspicious activity near 2 Fresno schools

FRESNO, Calif.

One of the incidents was a report of indecent exposure. It happened near Mayfair Elementary, which is on Home Avenue near 1st and McKinley in Central Fresno. The other was a report of an aggressive man. That incident happened near Aynesworth Elementary on Burns Avenue near Chestnut and Church in Southeast Fresno.

A 12-year-old girl was headed to class at Mayfair Elementary School when Fresno police say she witnessed a crime.

"And as she past the car, the male driver appeared to have his pants down. The student got scared and ran to school to tell authorities," Sgt. Pete Boyer with the Fresno Police Department said.

Fresno police responded and say they do have information about the suspect and the car he was driving. Once found he will face an indecent exposure charge. The say the crime is concerning, especially with so many young children in the area.

"This is about a block away, but it was on the way to school. So again we're working with school officials to notify them, raise awareness, and make parents aware of these two incidents today, so we can keep kids safe," Sgt. Boyer said.

Fresno police also responded to another elementary school.

"Two children walking to school when a pickup trucks stopped on chestnut, just south of church and appeared to accost the children. The children then came to school and notified school authorities," Sgt. Boyer said.

Police said the children did the right thing, by telling adults. Authorities say a school employee also noticed the incident. At this time, police believe the driver may have been trying to help the kids get away from an aggressive dog and are calling this as a suspicious circumstance.

Fresno police say these incidents serve as a reminder that parents should talk to their kids to be aware of their surroundings and report any unusual behavior.

In a statement to Action News Fresno Unified's spokesperson Susan Bedi wrote:

"The well-being of our students is our first priority and we are working with officers on these incidents. While students were not harmed, we are reminding our families to reinforce with their students the importance of taking safety measures as they travel to and from school, including staying away from strangers."

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