Sanger students make PB&J sandwiches for less fortunate

FRESNO, Calif.

The students spent the afternoon making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The sandwiches go into a decorated brown bag, along with a piece of fruit, a granola bar or a bag of pretzels as well as bottled water.

This is the fourth year fifth grade teacher Janell Miller organized what she calls a 'Compassion Party.' This year, the students made nearly 600 meals and in the past four years combined, Miller says they've fed more than 2,000 people.

"When we first started this, we thought it was for homeless people," Miller said. "But we also saw families in line, children and mothers and fathers, and it really hit home seeing these were children in line for our bagged lunches."

Miller says the students give more than their time. Many of their families donate the food and for some that can be a bit of a sacrifice.

"We have a high population of free or reduced lunches," she said, "so it's nice that a lot that our students who don't have a lot, are able to give a whole lot."

The food will go towards Hope Sanger, a non-profit organization in Sanger. Hope Sanger plans to distribute the meals Saturday morning.

Miller says many of the students learn a valuable lesson as well.

"I have food on the table, and I just want everyone to have the same," 5th Grader Jeneice Harmon said. "It's a great opportunity to show them you care about them," she added.

Abby Hernandez,10, said she much rather be helping feed the needy instead of having a traditional Valentine's party.

"Every year we get to eat cookies and cupcakes and get cards, and these people don't," she explained. "Some of them are homeless, we get dinner and they don't."

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