Teen killed in Merced drive-by shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

Donovan Webster's parents say their son had been living in Madera for the past three months. They believe he was only back in Merced for about 30 minutes before he was shot to death. Now, they want to know why.

Merced police spent hours at the scene early Monday morning, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

"The only thing that people have been telling us is that they heard the shots fired and they heard a car leaving at a high rate of speed," Merced police Sgt. Scott Skinner said.

Donovan Webster's parents heard the gunfire from their home nearby, and ran outside. His mother says she held the 16-year-old as he took his last breath.

"It's just really hard to believe, hard to grasp, basically unbearable," victim's mother, Redonda Evans said.

Redonda Evans admits her son had a troubled past, but said he was determined to build a brighter future.

"Donovan has been through some rough couple of years, but this year he made some new year's resolutions and just said I'm going to change this time, I want something better out of my life," Redonda Evans said.

The teen had been living at a group home in Madera for the last three months before showing up on his parents' doorstep just after midnight. Michael Evans thinks his son may have snuck back to Merced because he was homesick.

"When I hugged him, I didn't want to let him go, and he didn't want to let me go," Michael Evans said.

A short time later Donovan walked down the street to see his younger brother at a friend's house. His parents believe he was shot while walking back to their home, but they don't know if or why he was targeted.

"Whatever took place prior to him leaving or coming back, how can they pinpoint him off the corner of this street and murder him. I just don't understand that," Michael Evans said.

Detectives are still looking into reports about the car that was spotted leaving the scene. At this point they don't have a description of it or any suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call Merced police.

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