Toddler teaches herself Spanish with an iPad


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The elite club only accepts people with IQs in the top 2 percent of the world. Alexis can label every one of the continents and countries on a map.

Her parents first noticed her abilities when she was able to recite the bedtime story from the night before verbatim.

"So then dad would try to pitch in, 'Oh, yeah, and then the elephant was the one that was sharing.' And she would correct me and say, 'No dad, it was the kangaroo that was sharing,'" said her dad, Ian Martin.

The average person has an IQ of about 100. Alexis has an IQ above 160. The doctors who examined Alexis said she tested so high, they couldn't even calculate her IQ score.. She shares her score with Albert Einstein.

Alexis is also fluent in Spanish. Her parents credit an adult app on their iPad for that accomplishment.

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