Teen injured by speedboat propeller at Shaver Lake dies

FRESNO, Calif.

Dallen McEntire was never the same after he was run over by a speedboat at Shaver Lake over the Labor Day weekend in 2006.

A propeller sliced his head open while the 11 year old was kneeboarding. His dad was pulling him on a jet ski. The accident left Dallen blind in one eye and he lost his sense of smell.

In 2009 McEntire faced the two Southern California men charged in the hit and run accident.

"I think they should go to jail for a long time because I have to live with this forever," said Dallen. "I wanted to go to the army or even be a firefighter."

But Dallen McEntire passed away on Friday at the age of nineteen.

The driver of the boat Roger Guzman was sentenced to two years in prison while Thomas Kirby got probation.

Dallen's parents live in Bakersfield. They did not wish to talk but the family's attorney says Dallen had been suffering seizures they believe were related to injuries suffered in the accident.

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