Group to help families of 2 fallen CHP officers

FRESNO, Calif.

"When the bagpipes started playing and you knew you are staring at these two caskets and you knew that the families are going to start walking in and your heart starts to break, you get teary eyed," said Raven Masse.

Masse was among the hundreds of mourners at the Save Mart Center on Monday who came to pay their respects to officers Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez. She didn't know the men personally but as a wife of a Fresno Police officer, she feels deeply for their families.

"Every spouse of a police officer they understand there is a possibility that sending your husband or wife to work, they might not come home," added Masse.

Masse is the founder of the invitation-only Facebook page called FPD Wives. In the hours after the crash, she and more than 100 other members logged on to figure out how to help. So far they've taken over food to Law and Gonzalez's family members.

The women have also created a wreath to give the loved ones of the fallen officers, as well as a plaque showing a long and painful, thin blue line.

"It's in honor of every officer who has lost their life. It is a brotherhood of men and women who put their lives on the line every day," said Masse.

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