Clean water will soon flow in west Goshen


More than a year has passed since people have been able to drink and cook with clean water.

People who live in the small, rural community of west Goshen have been relying on a monthly bottled water delivery from the department of public health.

"You can't drink it, you can't cook with it, sometimes I'm scared to bathe in it so yeah, it's hard," said Eugenia Pauls. "Especially with little kids."

Now clean water is on the horizon. Self-Help Enterprises helped secure $3.4 million in grants from the department of public health, state revolving fund and the regional water board. The money will send clean water flowing through west Goshen's pipelines in less than two months.

The first phase will build a mile-and-a-half long pipe connecting west Goshen, to Goshen's system, which is run by Cal Water.

Jessi Snyder with Self-Help Enterprises said, "It's going to be basically a link to bring water out there and then the water from there would just be distributed thru west Goshen's existing distribution system."

Phase two will actually revamp west Goshen's entire distribution system and install meters on every property. This will likely take a year.

Snyder added, "It's old and leaky and not mapped nobody really knows where all of the pieces and parts are and install residential water meters which will be really really helpful."

News of clean water finally coming to west Goshen, has people who live here feeling relieved.

Pauls said, "I think it'll be positive everybody's been waiting to hear this so that is nice to hear this is up and coming really soon."

Construction bids on the project are being accepted this week. They hope to break ground within the next two weeks.

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