Paul George - powered by grapes

FRESNO, Calif.

Indiana Pacer Paul George may score in bunches but he also eats grapes in bunches. In the spot shown to elementary school kids Paul said, "My favorite fruit is grapes.They're sweet. It's not a big fruit."

George did the spot to get students in Indianapolis to make healthy choices.

During his time at Fresno State perhaps Paul sampled some of the campus grapes growing on 120 acres. Viticulture and Enology department chair Jim Kennedy joked, "There were a lot of areas of vineyard where fruit was missing on it and I always suspected Paul George had something to do with that. Nah, Paul can come back anytime he wants and get grapes."

Kennedy loved the spot. "The fact he came from Fresno State certainly makes me proud to be a Bulldog."

Lori Taylor is known as "The Produce Mom" in Indianapolis. She worked on the project with George and said the spot has had a tremendous impact on kids. She explained, "They just light up when they see Paul George likes grapes. I'll always have kids say things like omigosh I like grapes too or even hear I want to eat grapes because I want to be like Paul George."

Kathleen Nave of the California Table Grape Commission was pleasantly surprised to see her commodity get a celebrity plug.

Nave said, "What I really loved about the spot besides him holding the beautiful grapes and talking about how much he loves them is the fact he learned about them from his mom."

The campaign targeted Indianapolis kids but locals would love to see Paul George spread his message on a wider scale.

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