Fatal shootout between two vehicles in SW Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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Police say the two men in the gray Toyota Camry were the victims in the shooting. They believe the men were being followed by the shooter or shooters in a van. And when the Camry stopped on Lily Avenue, the shooting began.

When it ended, the driver in that Camry was left with gunshot wounds laid out in the street, and the other victim, was found shot, in that car.

Lt. Herman Silva said, "It appears that there was a lot of gunfire that occurred here at the scene both between the victim and the suspects. There were numerous houses that were hit and cars that were parked alongside the street."

No arrests have been made yet.

Police say they're sending out notices to local hospitals because there may be a chance the suspects here were shot by the return gunfire.

At this point, investigators are not calling this a gang-related shooting. They say that may change as they learn more about the suspects and the victims.

Investigators are trying to get information from potential witnesses, but they say they're not getting much cooperation, other than to say the unidentified victims are not from this neighborhood.

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