Dog rescued during storm gets a second chance

FRESNO, Calif.

Sandy is eating and showing her playful side after a dramatic rescue this weekend. Workers at Animal Compassion Team (ACT) say the dog was found by a couple whose car had broken down in the middle of Saturday's rainstorm.

"The wife decided to get a box to help him stay dry while he was working on the car. So she went over and found a box that was laying on the side of the reservoir, and she picked it up and it was a little heavier than what she expected," said Brenda Mitchell, president of ACT.

Inside a sealed cardboard box was little Sandy.

"She thought Sandy was dead at the time because she was just laying there, and then she started moving a little bit later and realized she was alive," said Mitchell.

Two days into her recovery, Sandy is reacting well to being around other people and other dogs.

"She is going in to see our vet today. She is eating well and is just a loving little thing," said Mitchell.

The no-kill shelter is currently housing more than 150 dogs and cats.

"Our population is about 90 percent ready to go home, and the other ten percent are either growing to be ready to be in a new home, or we are working with them on either a medical or behavioral issue," said Mitchell.

Once Sandy's blood work comes back in and the veterinarian gives her a clean bill of health she will be ready for her forever home.

Veterinarians at ACT say they expect to take care of Sandy for at least the next few weeks. After that, she'll be ready for adoption.

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