California Highway Patrol shows off new SUVs

FRESNO, Calif.

CHP Officer Jeffrey Cipolla said, "The Fresno area had started receiving the Ford utility interceptor vehicle model to phase out our highest mileage Crown Victoria's. We had several vehicles that had over 150,000 miles."

Officer Cipolla says the SUVs will eventually phase out the traditional law enforcement cars on the road.

Drivers in the Valley have noticed a different sight when they look in the rear view mirror. Many have been caught off guard by the new look the CHP vehicle.

"I'm noticing a lot more violations in plain view," said Officer Cipolla.

Besides the look, there's also new features onboard including smart technology.

Officer Cipolla explained, "It gives me the flexibility to keep my eyes on the road and look for violations and still be able to use my equipment and I can do that all with my right hand."

After driving day in and day out with the old cars, officers had to go through training to get used to the new all-wheel drive vehicle.

"The Crown Victoria being so low, you kind of had to drop in it," said Officer Cipolla. "The explorer is at a better height so it's easier to get in and out, not as much wear on the knees."

The vehicle also comes with more room for officer's gear, weapons and room for those they transport. A new ride, with new technology for the future.

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