Visalia couple being charged with death of three-year-old son


Now the two adults responsible for protecting him are charged in connection with his death.

Desie Horton and Trevor Bishop were back in court for an arraignment. The case against the former couple has been enhanced now that Horton's little boy has passed away.

Horton and Bishop both plead "not guilty" to updated charges relating to the death of Horton's 3-year-old boy, Jimmy. Horton was out of custody. Bishop is still behind bars. After 11-months in a coma, little Jimmy succumbed to his injuries.

Tulare County Assistant District Attorney Anthony Fultz said, "In February this year the child passed away tragically and as a result of the actions of the defendant we then amended the charge to alleged murder."

Visalia police were first called to the couples' house back in March of 2013. Officers believe Trevor Bishop beat the boy to death.

Authorities say the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the head and suffered other injuries, as well.

Trevor Bishop now faces charges of murder and child abuse causing death. If convicted his sentence could be as high as 50 years to life in prison.

As for Desie Horton, prosecutors say she could have done more to save her own child. Her child abuse charges were also enhanced.

Fultz explained, "She's charged with willful failure to protect her child as well as a special allegation that that willful failure to protect resulted in physical injury resulting in death."

Horton, who declined to talk to us after her arraignment, faces up to ten years in prison.

Now, with Jimmy's passing, attorneys must look through 4,000 pages of medical records relating to the boy's injuries, and his treatment over the last year.

Fultz added, "It's very sad and very tragic but there's going to be quite a bit of medical information made available to the defense just so they can have an opportunity to review that."

The couple will be back in court next month so their attorneys have enough time to review all of the medical documents pertaining to the little boy's care and death.

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