Kings County dentist foils a burglar's plan


The dentist said he heard his alarm ding from a door opening and that was his first clue. It was too early for visitors so he went to investigate. That's when he says he scared the suspect off.

The Elick family says the suspect broke a latch before he looked around and quickly began walking through the house. He didn't make it very far, before Dr. Wiley Elick saw the stranger in his home.

"I knew it was somebody that didn't belong there," said Dr. Elick. "We have double doors going into our bedroom, so I opened the door and the noise of opening the doors frightened the intruder out."

Dr. Elick says he didn't have time to be afraid or grab a gun before the startled suspect was gone.

"He didn't have a car and he must not have come in through the front because of our dog," explained Dr. Elick. "She would have enjoyed a little tasty snack of his leg if she'd seen him. But he came in the back way."

Deputy Grace Herrera investigated the burglary and isn't sure why the suspect hollered PD when he took off. But he seemed to be more frightened by the confrontation than the victims.

Deputy Herrera said, "I believe that he panicked and you know and it actually worked because he said PD and it kind of took him by surprise, Mr. Wiley. So he went back to change, came back and he was gone."

Investigators say six minutes before the suspect broke into this home, he knocked on the neighbors door and asked for a person who doesn't live there.

Dr. Elick isn't sure what he was looking for, but he is glad he was home, his cameras were rolling and the suspect left empty handed.

"It was just the opportunity I think. He was just out picking any house that he could break into," said Dr. Elick. "Ours was the second."

The victims are getting more security cameras put in, to help capture more areas inside their home. Kings County detectives have not identified the suspect so if you recognize him, please give them a call.

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